Brownie Mom

Bio: I am a wife (now, 22 years) and mother of two adult children, we raise sheep, chickens and the occasional hog.. I own 3 LGDs ( Livestock Guardian dogs) they are amazing animals and my heart.. I was the 'brownie Mom' for my children's' teams and made over 2,000 double batches in 17+ years... I loved to bake, I want to find that again..... just over eight months ago, my world was blown to pieces.. My discovery of my husband's betrayal and deceit brought long locked away 'monsters' screaming forward, to terrorize me during the night and haunt my days.. I was lost, devastated, horrified, I thought I was losing my mind... Having finally found what I thought was a good therapist and being diagnosed with PTSD and an alphabet soup of related things and some medication, it is a bit better some days... this is my winding and circling journey, i hope to get the poison out and see the light again........

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